Click Changelog

This contains all major version changes between click releases.

Version 2.6

(bugfix release, released on August 11th 2014)

  • Fixed an issue where the wrapped streams on Python 3 would be reporting incorrect values for seekable.

Version 2.5

(bugfix release, released on July 28th 2014)

  • Fixed a bug with text wrapping on Python 3.

Version 2.4

(bugfix release, released on July 4th 2014)

  • Corrected a bug in the change of the help option in 2.3.

Version 2.3

(bugfix release, released on July 3rd 2014)

  • Fixed an incorrectly formatted help record for count options.’

  • Add support for ansi code stripping on Windows if colorama is not available.

  • restored the Click 1.0 handling of the help parameter for certain edge cases.

Version 2.2

(bugfix release, released on June 26th 2014)

  • fixed tty detection on PyPy.

  • fixed an issue that progress bars were not rendered when the context manager was entered.

Version 2.1

(bugfix release, released on June 14th 2014)

  • fixed the launch() function on windows.

  • improved the colorama support on windows to try hard to not screw up the console if the application is interrupted.

  • fixed windows terminals incorrectly being reported to be 80 characters wide instead of 79

  • use colorama win32 bindings if available to get the correct dimensions of a windows terminal.

  • fixed an issue with custom function types on Python 3.

  • fixed an issue with unknown options being incorrectly reported in error messages.

Version 2.0

(codename “tap tap tap”, released on June 6th 2014)

  • added support for opening stdin/stdout on Windows in binary mode correctly.

  • added support for atomic writes to files by going through a temporary file.

  • introduced BadParameter which can be used to easily perform custom validation with the same error messages as in the type system.

  • added progressbar(); a function to show progress bars.

  • added get_app_dir(); a function to calculate the home folder for configs.

  • Added transparent handling for ANSI codes into the echo() function through colorama.

  • Added clear() function.

  • Breaking change: parameter callbacks now get the parameter object passed as second argument. There is legacy support for old callbacks which will warn but still execute the script.

  • Added style(), unstyle() and secho() for ANSI styles.

  • Added an edit() function that invokes the default editor.

  • Added an launch() function that launches browsers and applications.

  • nargs of -1 for arguments can now be forced to be a single item through the required flag. It defaults to not required.

  • setting a default for arguments now implicitly makes it non required.

  • changed “yN” / “Yn” to “y/N” and “Y/n” in confirmation prompts.

  • added basic support for bash completion.

  • added getchar() to fetch a single character from the terminal.

  • errors now go to stderr as intended.

  • fixed various issues with more exotic parameter formats like DOS/Windows style arguments.

  • added pause() which works similar to the Windows pause cmd built-in but becomes an automatic noop if the application is not run through a terminal.

  • added a bit of extra information about missing choice parameters.

  • changed how the help function is implemented to allow global overriding of the help option.

  • added support for token normalization to implement case insensitive handling.

  • added support for providing defaults for context settings.

Version 1.1

(bugfix release, released on May 23rd 2014)

  • fixed a bug that caused text files in Python 2 to not accept native strings.

Version 1.0

(no codename, released on May 21st 2014)

  • Initial release.